Body & Face Waxing


  • Exfoliate area to be waxed to loosen dead skin for a flawless wax
  • No caffeine a few hours before - heightens sensitivity
  • At least a week or more before menstruation cycle
  • Make sure the hair is a quarter inch long


  • Exfoliate area to prevent in-grown hairs (recommend a loofah glove)
  • Tend skin is a product to help heal and correct in-grown hairs - highly recommended

Legs: Half $35/Full $70

Bikini $38

Underarm $15

Arms: Half $25/Full $45

French Bikini $46

Back $48 /Chest $48

Eyebrows $20/Lip $15/Chin $5

Hairline Wax $25
Good for men or women on the back of the neck

Full Body Wax Women $190
Full leg, full arm, under arm, and Brazilian wax

Full Body Wax Men $210
Full leg, bikini, full arm, under arm, and chest wax(not including back wax / extra $48)

Signature Brazilian


We use a natural honey paraffin hard wax that makes the process virtually painless and long lasting.




Mini Facial $60 - a maintenance facial to keep your skin healthy and radiant

Custom Facial a la Taylor $90 - I will create the perfect facial to compliment and rejuvenate your specific skin type and condition

Hydrating Facial $90 - a deep moisturizing facial that restores yours skin to a radiant glow. Great for healing skin during the dry winter months

Acne Facial $90 - calms and corrects inflamed, irritated skin

Back Facial $65 - relaxing and detoxifying, great after a long week or month

Jeunesse Anti-Aging Facial $100 - a deeply hydrating facial accompanied by an amazing firming and lifting mask that incorporates human growth factors to promote a long lasting youthful appearance

Men's Facial $85 - Just for men, addresses congestion, folliculitis, beard irritation, & relaxation*

We use PCA skin care and juenesse lines.

Peels & Treatments

Blemish Correct $20 - help is here for those scary blemishes you need gone fast!

Eye Treatment $25 - this treatment hydrates and plumps eyes, great for tired eyes or to look extra youthful for a special occasion

PCA Peel $135 - ideal for oily, acne inclined, and hyper pigmented skin types, includes 1-6 layers on face (throat and chest $50 additional)

Sensi Peel $135 - treats fine lines, dehydrated, sensitive, and inflamed acne, includes 1-4 layers on face (throat and chest $50 additional)

Ultra Peel $135 - for dehydrated, uneven texture, adult acne, fine lines and wrinkles, includes 1-4 layers on face (throat and chest $50 additional)





Eyelash Tint $25 - Tint your eyelashes blue, black/brown, or very black.


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